Reconsecration of Hardy's Altarpiece at All Saints Windsor

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Date & time

On November 26, 2017 at 18:30


All Saints Church, New Windsor  See the map

Hardy Society  members are cordially invited to the Service of Reconsecration of the Altarpiece designed by Hardy.  The design plans were discovered in the church in the 1970s by a THS member, but it was thought that the design had never been realised, because there was no record of it and the altarpiece in the church was was a rather plainer wooden one.  However, in 2012 the Portland stone and alabaster altar was discovered by Stuart Tunstall, a member of the congregation, whille he was searching for the church's foundation stone.  Looking up from underneath the altar, Stuart saw the Portland stone and alabaster altarpiece concealed behind the 1930s wooden one.  It was no doubt replaced because it didn't suit early 20th century taste. Now that it has been revealed and restored it looks beautiful and is well worth seeing.  Some of you will remember Stuart  Tunstall coming to talk about the Hardy altarpiece at the end of the 2016 Conference.

The Bishop of Reading will be leading the service.  As there will be a large number of people and there are security issues, it is essential to let our Secretary, Mike Nixon, know you are coming. Please email or phone the Society office on 01305 837331.