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A Portland Tale by Sid Payne

October 2, 2018

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An historical novel by Sid Payne, based on 18th Century Dorset
Published by Olympia Press
£6.99 Paperback
Category: History/Diaries, Letters/Society

On the Island of Portland in Dorset is a mysterious, little known and special place. The enigmatic remains of the medieval parish church of St Andrew's . This story is based around the decline of the church, finally abandoned in 1756. In 1705 Abraham Winter was born on the Island. He tells us of his life from his birth to the year before his death in 1771. Using documented evidence on which to base the story, Abraham embellishes his experiences, recollecting the events that made for an interesting life and time spent on Portland in Georgian England. He introduces us to the island characters, famous visitors and strange events including sea monsters and UFOs!


Born in Enfield, North London, in 1956, Sid grew up there and in Edmonton before moving to Hertfordshire. Having started work in London in 1973 at the Stock Exchange and subsequently with HM Customs and Excise, Sid moved to work back in Hertfordshire in 1978. After thirty years with the fire brigade, Sid started to work as a diving instructor, moving to Mallorca, living there for five years and then to Egypt for a year. Now back in the UK and living in Dorset, Sid is involved with maritime archaeology, local history and diving.

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