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ESSE Conference Seminar

November 20, 2015

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ESSE Conference Seminar
Galway, Ireland – 22-26 August 2016
Desire and « the expressive eye » in Thomas Hardy

Thomas Hardy has inspired critics with an interest in the visual arts: many of his texts can be read as « iconotexts », i.e. as texts with a powerful « painting effect », even in the absence of any direct reference to painting (L. Louvel).

Desire is another theme which has found its way into major criticism of Hardy’s work – the first item in the series being J. Hillis Miller’s Distance and Desire (1970). This seminar will explore the relation between desire and the gaze in Hardy’s work. Is the eye an « expressive eye » (J. B. Bullen), which makes manifest the « positive, dynamic and productive dimension of desire » (J. Thomas), or is it « the evil eye », « full of voracity » (J. Lacan)?

We welcome proposals opening new directions in Hardy criticism, linking the desiring subject / the power of the gaze / the writing process.

Please send proposals of approx. 350 words, along with a short bibliography and biographical statement, to:

Phillip Mallett, University of St Andrews (UK)
Jane Thomas, University of Hull (UK)
Isabelle Gadoin, Université de Poitiers (France)
Annie Ramel, Université Lumière-Lyon 2 (France)


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