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The first issue of the Thomas Hardy Journal appeared in January 1985. It was a slim booklet of 48 pages, and when the editor, James Gibson, welcomed readers to ‘what we hope will be the first of many numbers of the Society’s Journal’, he could hardly have known how far his hopes would be fulfilled. Since 1985 there have been three, sometimes four issues a year—well over an hundred in all—and growing steadily longer (the record to date is 274 pages) and more ambitious. That first issue represented the bringing together of a quarterly Newsletter, originally a single page, and an annual Review, edited by Frank Pinion, and those two functions—Society news, and intellectual challenge and debate—have remained, and still remain, through all the various formats and under the guidance of different editors.


(Maiden Newton, Dorset)

The Thomas Hardy Society currently publishes three journals each year. The Hardy Society Journal appears twice annually, in Spring and Summer. Its first objective is to keep members of the Society informed about current events and future plans, including walks, concerts, meetings and the biennial Conference. But as well providing a forum for members, the HSJ seeks to encourage engagement and discussion among all those interested in Hardy’s life and friendships, the lore and traditions of the community in which he grew up, the landscapes he knew and loved, the ideas that engaged or influenced him, and above all the fourteen novels, 40-odd stories and 948 poems he published in career of more than sixty years, and to that end it has become as international as the Society itself. Recent contributions have come from Pescara, Beijing, Lyons, Dacca and Kolkata, as well as the UK, Canada and North America, and from tenured professors and postgraduate students, from general readers and from those who come to Hardy through some prior interest, be it astronomy, folklore, the history of emigration or or the growth of the railway. Contributions come in the form of reports, news, creative writing, reproducible illustrations, etc., as well as more formal literary articles and reviews.

Research articles for the HSJ will not typically exceed 5,000 words, though longer articles will be considered individually; they will usually be sent out for peer-review.

The Thomas Hardy Journal is published each autumn. Its aim is to be a force in international Hardy scholarship, and while it continues to update members on Society events the emphasis falls on the scholarly study of Hardy’s life, work, and contexts. Articles for the THJ are typically longer (up to about 8000 words), and are refereed by an Editorial Advisory Board.
Articles for both journals are sent for peer-review; books reviews may be offered, but are usually invited. Contributions should be sent to the Editor at The Thomas Hardy Society, c/o Dorset County Museum, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1XA, or by email to
All essays should be double-spaced and use a margin of 2.5 cm. They must be submitted in electronic format or as an email attachment. Authors of academic essays should adhere to the journal style guide.

A sample journal (Summer 2014: Vol 10 No 2) is available to download here.

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